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Physical Therapy in Staunton

The purpose of Bethesda Physical Therapy and Wellness, Inc. is to serve those in the local community of Staunton, Virginia and surrounding Augusta County needing physical therapy and rehabilitation due to injuries, effects of disease, or conditions which affect function and ability. Bethesda Physical Therapy and Wellness, Inc. also provides fitness and wellness education and exercise opportunities to those following physical therapy and in conjunction with physical therapy. The staff at BPT desires to achieve efficient and desirable results, minimizing expense of time and money to achieve the patient’s goals and optimal outcomes.

Specializing in Sports Injuries

The physical therapist at Bethesda Physical Therapy and Wellness are specialists when it comes to diagnosing and treating sports injuries. We appreciate that for athletes, your body is one of your greatest assets. That is why we aim to treat sports injuries as quickly and as effectively as possible, to heal you in the best ways possible.
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Rehabilitation Programs

The time immediately following an injury is critical to the recovery process and participating in a proper rehabilitation program is essential to making a full recovery. Our physical therapists will formulate a rehabilitation regimen catered exclusively to your needs, thus providing you the best possible care. 
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